The most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight or get healthier. We start off the New Year feeling motivated and excited. However, most people end up losing steam after a few weeks or months. Why is that? Most of us already know about the importance and benefits of eating healthy and exercising regularly. So why do we keep making the same New Year’s resolution without much results?


The wise and talented Oprah Winfrey said that “people don't change based on what they know, they change based on how they feel”. With that in mind, this year I want you to think about how not having met your health and fitness goals has made you feel in the past. For example, not being able to fit into your favorite pair of jeans or feeling like you’re not living up to your full potential. Remember those feelings of disappointment and regret and use them to fuel your motivation. Now for the fun part, I want you to think about how amazing you are going to feel once you reach your health and fitness goals. Instead of visualizing how you will look once you reach your goals, think about how your life will look. This same logic can be used for those who don't have health and fitness goals. Perhaps your goal is to travel more or start your own business. Think about how you will feel once you have met your goals and what your life will look like. Feel free to let your imagination go wild believing that anything is possible. Savior those exciting and happy feelings and use them to empower yourself through the New Year because we all want to feel healthy, happy and vibrant.


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