I have high expectations of any coach or trainer having  spent most of my formative years as a competitive athlete. When I first moved to New York and began getting settled into life as a young professional, I found it challenging to commit to a fitness routine that truly challenged me. Staying in shape was never much of an issue, but finding a balance between my lifestyle and achieving noticeable results seemed out of reach.
After training with Ratko for almost one year now, I can honestly say that he's pushed me to reach a level of physical fitness and well-being exceeding my any of my original goals and expectations. Ratko builds a totally bespoke plan for each of my sessions where I'm constantly being pushed to the point of exhaustion, and then just a bit beyond. I truly value his uniquely holistic approach to health and wellness, and consider his training an integral part of my lifestyle today. 

Brandon W.
Relationship Management - UBS Investment Bank