Join us and explore the stunning beauty of Croatia and Montenegro, one of the most beautiful undiscovered regions in the world. Regardless of where you’ve already been and how much you’ve seen before, this will be a trip that you will never forget. Come join us on an exploration of the region’s beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, and wind up through canyons to its glorious mountains, all within a very small proximity.



Our very unique and exclusive trip to Croatia and Montenegro is designed to rejuvenate while showing you the most beautiful sites and attractions this region has to offer. Professional members of our team will be there to make every moment of your trip unique and special. Our local guides will take you through the unbeaten paths and show you sites that are secluded and known only to locals. With our health coaches, nutritionists, fitness instructors, yoga instructors and other professionals we make sure you are in good hands and you take out of this trip the most it has to offer.


Short trip Itinerary:
(all activities are optional)

After landing in Dubrovnik we will spend one night in a luxury hotel in Dubrovnik where you will be able to enjoy the charm and beauty of this beautiful Mediterranean historic landmark.

After the night in Dubrovnik we will go on a 20min boat ride to an island called Lopot where we will stay in a luxury resort for the next 3 nights. On this majestic island which breaths with peace and serenity we will enjoy different activities designed just to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

From different workshops, yoga and fitness classes, meditations, spa treatments, and other island activities (biking, kayaking and etc.) designed to bring you balance you will have an experience like no other.

After three nights on the island we will come back to the mainland from where we will travel two hours by car to the north part of Montenegro and a town called Kolasin. In Kolasin we will stay at another luxury hotel for the next four nights.

This area is known by its' diverse landscape, beautiful mountain views, high picks, lakes, deep canyons, protected forests and is known as one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. The fresh air and mountainous climate will clear your mind and relax your soul. From here different mountain activities will be organized such as jeep safaris with local food tasting, hiking, horse back riding, rafting, cultural nights and etc. The landscape from this part of the trip is presented in a short video located bellow.

After four nights in the north of Montenegro we will travel by car two hours south to the coast of Montenegro where we will stay and relax last night in a luxury hotel before your departure to go back home. 

All resorts are luxury with 4+ and above star rating.