Besides fabulous skiing we make this trip culturally immersing as well. On your way to Montenegro you will fly directly from JFK to the beautiful city of Belgrade (Serbia) where your exciting journey will begin. You will spend one night and two days in this old European city decorated by rich culture, authentic cuisine, award-winning restaurants and bars and feel the warm hospitality of its people. From Belgrade you will take a short 40-minute flight to Podgorica (The Capital of Montenegro) where you will spend the second night and have some time to explore this charming capital city.

After a night in Podgorica we will drive for an hour to Kolasin, a quaint and charming ski town on the northern side of the country, where we will stay in a luxurious resort and spa for the next 5 days of skiing. After check-in at the hotel, we will have our orientation about our trip and meet our ski guides. After orientation we will have dinner at the hotel restaurant and then explore the main street of the town with local bars before ending the night. 

Finally skiing time!

Over the course of 5 days we will ski on 3 different mountains, which includes 4 days of cat-skiing and 1 day at the groomed ski center. Our well- trained and experienced guides will make sure we hit the best and most exciting terrains out there while keeping us safe. Every day after skiing we will go back to our hotel, relax, and enjoy the town and surroundings. If desired, there is the option to have all 5 days of cat-skiing. 

After the last day of skiing we have the option of either driving down 2 hours to the southern coast and spending the last day on the Adriatic Sea, or flying back to Belgrade to spend the last night. This option will be decided by majority of the vote from the questioner given prior to the trip.


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